Our Team



Like many out there, Justin’s story is another living example of why we should never settle or quit on our dreams. Justin was educated to one day purse a profession in the financial industry but knowing that it would leave him glued to his desk and outside the heat of a kitchen, he decided to start all over. Before he opened Azyun Restaurant in 2018, Justin worked in the kitchens of Mark McEwan, Nigel Didcock, Elio Zannoni, and Pedro Pereira. He believes a true dining experience should be shared between people, and that food brings people together.

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Kevin Lo

Kevin began his culinary journey at a local bakery, ‘Nakamura’ where he was captivated by learning and loving all things bread. His composed and detailed demeanor led him to work at some of Canada’s most prestigious clubs in ‘The Granite Club’ and ‘Royal Canadian Yacht Club’. His most notable work experience however; was in San Francisco under the world-renowned chef Corey Lee and Executive Chef Brandon Rodgers at In Situ SFMOMA – where the restaurant had earned a Michelin star during his stay. Now Kevin has returned home to cook the food he loves and share that exceptional level of quality and care with all of our hungry guests.



An exceptional dining experience is not limited to attentive service and great food. Ally takes every opportunity to explain and describe the various ingredients and methods involved with preparing each dish to her guests.

“Besides being able to eat endless amounts of good food, I truly enjoy the company I am surrounded by at Azyun every day. Working here has been a very exciting yet humbling opportunity where I can continue to learn and grow with my Azyun family.



Krista found a love and passion for the food industry through all the Food Network shows she watches. In addition to her past hosting experiences, Azyun has definitely given her a whole new perspective of the industry.

“The first thing asked during my interview for this job was how I defined hospitality. Ever since I joined the Azyun team, hospitality means so much more. A lot comes out from just being YOU to both guests and staff.”